Dell Service Center Chennai

Dell-India’s largest selling brand has the maximum share in Indian market due to its extended post sales support. Dell ensures that it is very much reachable to its customers to take care of its products when its under warranty and Non-warranty. We sold it so we will support you till the end of life of the product.

Warranty service : All products which lie within warranty will be serviced and ensured working condition with absolute perfection at free of cost.

Non warranty service : Once the warranty period is completed, we know our loyal relationship with our customers to provide high quality service at a comparatively lower cost to our customer.

Why us : You can trust only who knows about the significance of customers, we at our service centre are extremely cautious about the customer product and emotions to ensure high standard service at low cost and maximum quality. Exceeding customer care-High level service-Genuine spares-Updated feedback-Timely delivery.


  • Dell Laptop Chip Level Service
  • Dell Laptop LCD/LED Screen Replacement
  • Dell Hinges and Panel Replacement
  • Dell Broken Laptop Reworking
  • Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair & Replacement
  • Dell Laptop Battery & Adapter
  • Data Recovery Service
  • Hard Drive Problems
  • Keyboard replacement Service
  • Laptop Hanging Problem Solution
  • Desktop Service & Oncall service
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What we:

  • We repair everything
  • we repair which are repairable
  • we rework that can represent originality
  • We replace that are completely beyond repairable

Repair-Rework-Replace - We do everything that you need:

Service at chip level: Every issue on the pcb from Main chip issue , processor, core ic - IO programming- bios programming- Graphics.

Accessories: HDD, RAM, Battery, Adapters, dvd drive etc.

Spares: Keyboard, Panels, Screen, wifi card, speakers,mouse pad.

Customers are everything to us:

Dell is such a big brand that it has set up service centres across Chennai for your easy access.

Dell supports you at door step with its technicians directly visiting clients.

Dell has a round the clock technical assistance over phone and mail.

Dell also offers free delivery of any accessory or tool to its client at free of cost.